Monday, January 8, 2007

[Wordpress]Finding and Installing Themes

One of the great things about using your own installation of Wordpress is how much you can easily customise it. There are 1000's of free themes available for download to give your blog an instant new look. (Uploading new themes is not available to those using

A great places to start is the Wordpress theme viewer, over 1100 themes that you can browse, try out and download.

Once you have found and downloaded your chosen theme to your computer and unzipped it, you will need to upload it to your blog. Using you FTP program, find your wp -content folder, then the Theme folder. Here is where you want to upload the entire theme folder (which will usually be the same name as that of your theme)

Once uploaded, you will need to activate your newly uploaded theme. In your Wordpress Dashboard go to the presentation tab. Here you will find a list of the themes you have available for use. Simply click the screen shot of the theme you want, and your done. You can now admire your spiffy new blog :)

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Chris said...

If you want to narrow your search to "good" themes, check out