Monday, January 22, 2007

My Comments are being overtaken by Mr Anonymus!

Owr best frends Rosie and Cheeto rite:

I switched ovur to the new blogger and almost all of my comments show up as anonomous. We don't know who this anonomous guy is but he's hawging our cat
friends comments. What do we do!?!

This is a tuff one. Sumtimes, win thare are problims with Blogger's comments, it becomes impossibul to sine in and leeve a comment unless yoo do so anonnymussly. This is maybe whut happend on yer blog. This was a BIG problim win noo Blogger came owt. Mao had that problim for a wile win he swicht over frum old Blogger to noo Blogger... with him, only noo Blogger users cood log in to leeve comments on his blog, so evrybuddy else had to leeve comments as anonnymuss. After a wile, it started werking okay agin.

We did a cuppul of tests tonite, and it seemed like we cood leeve comments on yer blog withowt a problem using both new Blogger and old Blogger signons, so I think we wood rekummend that yoo wate and see whut happens over the next cuppul of daze. If yoo still have the problem, yoo can change yer comments settings so that only rejisterd uzers can leeve comments --- but this leeves all non-Blogger cats unable to leeve comments at all, so it's kind of a last reezort...

If yoo hit the Settings tab, then klik the Comments link, yoo can change yer comments settings. In this case, yoo wunt to change it from "Anyone" to "Only Registered Users" (see below):

This will make it impossible for anywun to leeve comments anonymussly --- but it also meens that only users with Blogger IDs can leeve comments.

The staff of the Cat Blog Help Center will kontinyoo to moniter the sichyooayshun and see if we can find owt more info on why this is occurring!


Daisy said...

Yikes! Thanks for the tip. I had my blog set up fer registered users only. That was a big mistake!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

So far, evarything seems to be fixed and it luks like Mr. Anonymous is gone!!

Thank yoo, Skeezix and the team at the CBHC!!

Cheysuli said...

The problem with allowing only registered users is that my blog isn't on blogger so I can't link to it when I leave a comment. Until I was part of the Cat Help Blog, I was unable to comment on any blogs that didn't allow this. It's too bad that annonymous and "other" have to both be used.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Maybe it was just a fluke with owr blog and evaryone elses blog is werking ok! Hopefully that's what it is!!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

well, pfui! we've seen it happen on ofurr bloggies, but now today (3-26-07) it's OURS that you can't comment on (or looks like it to us). does this eventually go away? does DPB wake up to a new world efurry morning? DRAT!!