Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How do I add a pikcher to my sidebar - what's this "widget interface" yoo talk abowt?

My best frends Skeeter & LC ask:

We want to put a pic in our sidebar, but we can't find this "widget interface" that you mentioned. What is it and where do we get it?

Skeeter and LC
It isn't anything yoo need to "get" --- now all Blogger blogs utilize the widget interface. I used to have to differensheeate between the two when cats askt for blog help becuz the old and the new interface were compleetely diffrint. The old Blogger interface made yoo make edits to yer template in HTML. But Blogger forst evrywun to convert to the widget interface erlier this yeer. So win yoo hit the template tab yoo now see a bunch of boxes on the template page that yoo can moove arownd or clik to edit insted of digging thru HTML.

Widgets are self contayned mini-applikayshuns (often, therd party applikayshuns) that yoo can plop into yer blog withowt a having to have a lot of programmer knowlidje.

We have an explanayshun of how to add a linked image to yer sidebar heer. If yoo don't wunt it to be linked, just don't inklood the link code.

Monday, September 17, 2007

How do I change my Catster bakgrownd?

Miz rites:

Skeezix, I like you and Daisy's backgrounds on Catster. How do I change mine? I
am not a plus member if that makes a difference.

I don't know if non-Plus members can configyer thare pages, but if yoo can, heer's how to do it:

1) Go to yer accownt set up page and klik "Modify biography & traits":

2) On the Bio screen, skrole down a little bit, and klik "Fun Stuff."

3) Yoo'll see a bunch of oranje bio feelds.

The little one on the left is the feeld name. For this use, yoo'll just stik in a peeriod so it won't show too much on yer profile page.

The little one on the right deetermines the vertical height this line takes up on yer profile page. For this usage, tipe in "10".

The big box in the middle is ware yoo'll put the code for a bakgrownd or a musik file to play win the page lodes. The code yoo stik in thare is

<body background="">

with the "http" part pointing to the path of yer bakgrownd image file (yoo can have it hosted on photobucket or other file sharing site.) Klik heer for infermayshun on image hosts.

Yoo can test it with this backgrownd:

The code for an mp3 file is:
<embed src=""

With all that sed, yoo mite have to be a Plus member to be abul to go to the Fun Stuff area... so why not upgrade???

I'm sick of my page. How do I change it?

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:
... i'm sick uv mi page ... it'z borin fer me an i wood like to change it. i'm prettee scared dat i will blow it ... do u hav sum sugjeschunz fer me? thank u.
Jete' it's as eezy as backing up yer current template, then pikking a new one.

Ferst, save a copy of yer existing template (so if yoo skrew up, yoo can go bak). To do so, klik the Template tab (or link), and under it klik "Edit HTML". (Yoo can klik theeze pikchers to biggify.)

Make shur the "Expand Widget Templates" chekbox is chekt.

Now, klik in the big text box that has yer template. Select-all (CTRL-A on yer keybord) and copy (CTRL-C), then open up notepad or werdpad or other text editor (MS-Werd is not a good choice) and paste (CTRL-V) the contents of yer klipbord into the empty doc and save. Now yer bakt up.

Next, yoo'll need to pik a new template. It's as eezy as pikkin' yer noze. Ferst, klik the "Pick New Template" link. The templates will be displade beelow it. Just skrole thru the deezines (most have three or fore diffrint choices in diffrint colors), selekt the one yoo like and then klik the oranje SAVE TEMPLATE buttun:

Switching templates will NOT do anything to yer blog posts. Evry once in a wile, it does eet sum of yer page elements in yer sidebar win a new template is selekted .... but thare eezy to reetreeve if yoo bakt up beefore yoo started. In fakt, it's kind of teedius, but it can be helpful if, beefore yoo start, yoo open eech one of yer sidebar elements and copy the html to a blank text file (one long file with all the pasted code) ... it will save yoo having to reed thru a lot of XML to find yer widget code in yer backup file when if yer mom is helping yoo and she messes up.

Heer are sum tips:

  • Don't stress owt abowt making the switch. 99% of the time it is seemless.
  • A littul wine helps kalm yer helper down, but more than a littul is not such a good thing. So, like, win yer ladey gits home frum a Book Club meeting and she's all giggly and duzn't say her werds vary kleer, win she sez, "Jeter, how's abowt we change da way yer blog looks tonite??" JUST SAY NO!
  • If yoo reely mess up, just paste yer backed up old blog template into the box on the Edit HTML page.

Can one gmail account have 2 blogs?

Laura rites:

Hi Skeezix,

Can one gmail account have 2 blogs?

When I set up Buddy's blog (, I used my gmail account & used her name for the blogger part. Now I want to make my own blog, and I did create a test one, but I can only post to it as Buddy (nezbine). Is there a way I can create my own blogger account without deleting hers or messing it up? If I modify it so it's me instead of her, then her blog will have my picture & stuff from the profile page, instead of her info. That would bother me.


Akshully, Laura, it's eezier than yoo think. The post beelow (wich ansers a similer qweschun that Jeeter askt) deeskribes the process. But let me ixplane a littul bit more....

When yoo set up a blogger (blogspot) blog with a blogger ID, the blog and ID are linked but not exkloosively so. The cat hoo orijinully set up the blog will be the administrayter (meening s/he can chanje the layowt and add new awthors), but addishunul awthors can be set up for any blog. And, a singul blogger ID can set up many other blogs and add many addishunul awthors to thoze blogs.

And, the orijinul blogger accownt under wich the blog was set up need never be used for posting.

So, say Buddy's blogger accownt was set up under the emale adress And say thare are two blogs set up under that accownt (the blogs yoo see win yer in yer accownt dashbord):
Yoo cood have the following awthors set up under thoze accownts:


Once yoo add yerself as an awthor to the "Laura" blog, you can post with yer name. What will happen once yoo set up yer emale adress with permisshun to post, is that yoo'll git an emale frum Google to validate yer adress and yoo'll klik the link to compleete the process, and then yoo can set up yer compleete profile with pikchers and evrything.

The post beelow ixplanes how to set up permisshuns wich will enable yoo to have yer own blogger ID - even if it's with an ixzisting blog!

(Thinking abowt Buddy makes me sad, but I'm happy she had a good long life with yoo.)


Laura asks:

When I set up Buddy's blog, I used my gmail address, but she had(s) her own email address. Can I add that and reassign ownership somehow? Her picture/profile is connected with my email address rather than her own. Is that making any sense? I know I know, I totally botched this when I did it. (Slapping forehead)

What I wood do is:

1) Add her as an awthor to her blog using her emale adress (not that it matters, but still, I'd probly do that), then

2) Sine in to blogger with yer emale adress and edit the profile so that it has yer foto.

The problim is that the profile on her blog wood then show YOO, so I wood deelete the page element on her blog that contanes the profile and add a new element (pik the HTML/Javascript one) wich will allow yoo to add a foto and the profile manyully.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

How do I git my own pikcher and name to show win I leeve comments?

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:

deer skeezix,
u wood think dat i wood be a bit smarter abowt dis ... but i'm not. az u mus know ... mi brudder mickey mantle an i share da same image wen we make commentz (mi squillion laffin an laffin) i'm purrsonallee sick uv dis an wood like mi own hansum image. thus, cood u talk mi brudder an me throo da stepz to havin owr imagez show up wen we make commentz? thank u.

This is eezy to do, Jeter!

1) Ferst, set up emale adresses (on gmail or yahoo) for eech of the cats yoo wunt to have profiles for. So for ixzampul, yoo mite set up emale adresses at yahoo for:

Now, sine into blogger with whatever emale adress and passwerd yoo usually use. Whut yer going to do is ADD thoze emale adresses as blog awthers. (Yoo can akshully akomplish the same thing setting up yer own blogger accownts sepritly, but this way is a littul more streemlined and yoo won't aksidently set up extra blogs.)

2) So, frum yer Dashbord, klik the Settings tab,
3) Then klik the Permissions link:

This gits yoo to the skreen ware yoo will add blog awthurs.

4)Klik the bloo ADD AUTHORS buttun and add the emale adresses yoo set up above.

5) Sine into the emale acccownts yoo gave permisshun to, and klik the link that Blogger sent yoo.

6) Now the new emale adresses are linked to yer blog, and all yoo need to do is set up the Blogger profiles for theeze new adresses... compleete with yer own pikcher and evrything.

Once yoo have theeze profiles set up, yoo can log into comments with the new emale adress and passwerds and yer hansum face will show up next to the comments.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Deleting Spam Comments on Blogger

When you get an icky spam comment (or any kind of icky comment you wanna get rid of) you want to know how to delete the spammy or icky comment even if you don't have comment moderation turned on. Here's how you do it in blogger:

1) Log in to your blogger account.

2) Go to the post that has the icky comment the same way you'd go to read cool comments.

3) The comments page part may look one of these two ways below, but that's ok!
Look for the lil trashcan icon that's with the icky comment and click that.

After you've clicked the lil trash can by the icky comment, you'll see this.

5) Check the box next to "Remove forever" and then click "Delete Comment".
Checking "Remove forever" makes it vanish like there never was an icky comment at all, so that's good.

6) Once you've done that, you see this, and you're all done!

No more icky comment! Woo hoo!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to make a moovey

Phoebe rites:

Dear Skeezix,
Can you please give me some information about how to make my very own movie? I would really like to be an adventure movie star, but I don't know how to edit my footage and add interesting captions and things. I searched all the help center posts and couldn't find info about this question. Thank you.
Ferst, yoo'll need a moovey camra that takes digital mooveys. Thare are sevrul tipes frum wich to chooze: ones that rekord strate to DVD, ones that use mini-DVR tapes, memery cards, etc. I have one that uses mini-DVR tapes and I like it a lot. It's mostly a matter of persunul preferinse.

Secund, yoo'll need movey software.

If yer on a PC, yoo shood have Windows Moovey Maker alreddy installed. Thare's a tootoriul heer on how to use it. It's pritty strateforwerd. As much as I hate Bill Gates, this akshully isn't a bad peese of software, it's free, and it duzn't take vary long to lern it.

If yer on a Mac, it's even eezier. Just use iMovie. The tootoriul is heer.

Most evrybuddy I know was abul to figyer it all owt by going thru the tootoriul and taking a stab at it: if yoo run into problims, don't hezitate to ask!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Expandable Content Skript

Heer's ware yoo can git an expandable content skript. It's good for win yoo have a lot of content for sumthing in yer sidebar that takes up a lot of space and yoo wunt to only show it win yer reeder expands it. It's good for menus, blogroles, bios and stuff like that.