Saturday, January 20, 2007

Popping up a noo window

Tooday we'll lern abowt target="_blank".

Altho we all have lots of links on owr blogs, we reely don't wunt owr reeders to LEEVE owr blogs. That's ware it comes in handy to be abul to pop open a new window for links that are owtside yer website. That way, yer reeders can go to the owtside links, but still eezily reetern to reeding yer blog win thare dun.

To make yer link pop up in a noo window insted of staying in the existing window, add target="_blank" to yer link, so that yer link looks like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">

If yoo use, yoo can add the target="_blank" in the edit form. In the target feeld, tipe _blank. Eezy, huh?

The windows that pop up from the target="_blank" attribyoot are not uzhully blokt by popup blokkers.