Friday, January 12, 2007

How to set up separate profile piks for multiple blog contributors

My best frend Mattingly asks:

I've had this question for a time and had trouble finding the answer. It didn't get easier with the new blogger either. If there is more than one contributor to a blog, is there a way to have both pictures along with profiles show up in the profile box? Or do we just need to add our own pictures, text, and link to the profile? We appreciate any help! I'm going to make my blog a joint blog with Harlie.

I'm gonna go owt on a limm heer becuz between me and my big bruther Mao and Rocky, the blog setups are diffrint. But take for ixzample this blog. We have many kontribyooters. This was set up under Rocky's blog (since he was on the new blogger), and he invited new kontribyooters, hoo all have thare own logins and profiles. So theeze instrukshuns are for NEW BLOGGER.

I rekummend yoo set up a blog and invite Harlie as a kontribyooter, that way yoo can eech have yer own profile.

To invite a new contribyooter to a blog yoo've set up:

  1. From yer dashbord, klik the Settings link (top left beneeth the dashbord hedding) for yer blog.
  2. Klik the "Permissions" link under the tabs at the top - it's the far rite link.
  3. Klik the bloo Add Authors button
  4. In the "Invite more people to write to your blog" box, enter the adress of the cat yoo wunt to invite.
  5. Klik the orange INVITE buttun.

Once Harlie is invited, she'll git an emale and be promptid to set up her profile. To add a pikchur, she will:

  1. Go to the dashbord and klik the "Edit Profile" link at the top of the right sidebar.
  2. Skrole down neer the middul of the Profile skreen to the "Photograph" sekshun.
  3. In the feeld next to Photo URL, enter the path of yer profile foto (yoo can't uplode like yoo do frum yer blog posts; it has to be hosted sumware).
  4. Skrole to the bottum of the skreen and klik the orange "Save Profile" buttun.
That way, yoo two can both kontribyoot to the same blog, but under seprit identiteez.

(I'm werking on gitting skreenshots for this one!)

Now I have to reeserch wether yoo can do that with the old Blogger!


Victor Tabbycat said...

Skeez, Mom did that wif us; She an Bonnie an I all haf our profile pics in the profile box at the top, an you can click on any of us to see our profiles. We's usin an old blogger template but in new blogger.

Mom copied a blok of code an replaced "BlogOwner" stuff wif real links (img src and stuff) to our profile pics on the innernet and our Blogger profiles. I's sendin you a couple pictors that show it.

Victor Tabbycat said...

PS When Mom upgraded my secrit blog to a new template, it didn't show my profile pic, efun when she set the #*&$# widget to display it. #*&$# is on yur list of bad werds, rigth? I only sed it here cuz I was repeatin what she said.