Monday, July 9, 2007

How do I change the Post Date?

My good frends Yuki and Kimiko ask:

skeezix, peese hep us. sometimes ars mommees can only hep us wif gettin ar posts ready on the weekend but doesnts want to publish them all at once. she says white wednesday shouldnt show up on sunday. how can she change the date (on new blogger) so it will publish on the day she wants iffens tho she makes it up before the publish date? --- yuki & kimiko

That's an eezy one! At the bottum of yer blogging window (above the orange PUBLISH POST buttun), thare's a Post Options link:

Klik it. It will expand an area that inkloods the place ware yoo can modify the date:

Put in the date/time yoo wunt and save it! It's as eezy as that!