Sunday, January 14, 2007

Squidoo: Another Way to Advertise

While catster is a social site, Squidoo is more of an advertising site. It can be social, if you visit other people's lens.

Squidoo is a site where you can create a page on your favorite topic, such as, umm.. YOU. I made one on me. People from squidoo can come visit it and then perhaps come visit your blog. You can earn some pennies if people click on links on your page and you can even choose to give them to certain charities. We've requested that they add Best Friends, but they haven't done that yet, but we requested just back in December. We got a very nice prompt response.

Creating a lens or page on yourself at Squidoo allows you to tell more people about you. This is especially important if you have things on a blog that you want to sell, like cafepress products. The more people who see them the more you will sell. Also, because you can make some money if people click on your amazon or cafepress links right at Squidoo, you can make money there too! We made .35 cents last month! We made .35 cents for Ecotrust and .16 for the Humane Society. Okay so we aren't getting rich, but .35 cents is .35 cents and I didn't see the Human Society rejecting their .16 cents!

If you just want more links to your blog, this can help too. You will get more visits if you participate in lens groups. We have one for cat bloggers if you want to join. If you blog isn't listed--and we got tired--you can always let me know on Squidoo that you'd like to be added. And if you have your blog listed in the cat bloggers group, let us know if you'd like us to promote one of your cafe press products too!

It's interesting to wander around there and see what people have come up with.

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DaisyMae Maus said...

Excellent "Squidoo" ... I don't know that I'd need one, but since you have so many aspects of your internet personality, you certainly do. I really like your informative history of Siamese-ness. Keep up the good work!