Sunday, April 29, 2007

How do I add a linked pikcher to my sidebar?

The Meezer Gang asked...

How does one put a link to a picture in the sidebar in blogger? I see where you can add a picture and then add a link but not link a picture.

If yoo want to link a pikcher and are using the widget interface on Blogger, yoo need to go to yer template, klik "Page Elements" so yer on the widget interface, and klik "Add a Page Element." In the popup, yoo'll selekt the "HTML/Javascript" widget by klikking "Add to Blog" ...
... in the Popup, enter the text for yer hedding, and than paste the HTML for yer linked image, for example:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Oreo's Store" src=""/></a>

Don't fergit to klik the oranje SAVE buttun on yer template page win yer dun to save the changes to yer template.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's rong with

Phoebe asks:

Dear Skeezix,
Do you know why blogrolling isn't working? none of the blogs say which blogs are updated. It's making it hard for me to catch up on my friends. I just wondered if anyone else noticed it. I went to blogrolling website and everything was just normal there.

This happens peeriodikly. I'm pasting in a post frum my 1/03/07 blog, in wich Victor Tabbycat ixplanes part of the problim and how yoo can git yer blog to show as updated:

"This is copied strate frum the Cat Blogosphere, frum advice that my best frend Victor Tabbycat gave on gitting to note that yer blog has bin updated. I think they wint on a permunint vakayshun!:

Victor Tabbycat haf sum reely tekneecal advice if u's use Blogroll: Ok, so it's not really news, but if you use Blogrolling fur your linkies an NONE of them say updated, wul, that's happenin to efurryone but the support beans is fast asleep an hidin.

Anyway, there's ONE way to make sure anyone who links to you wif Blogrolling knows you've updated.
1) Go to
2) Fill out the form.
3) Click Ping (the button, not the kitty at Abby's house)

For asample, I puts "Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat" in the first box an "" in the second box. I fink if they don't start fixing Blogrolling or at least talkin to the users who are askin them to fix it, we should all go ofur an HISS at them.

BTW, Blogrolling is run by TuCows an we might haf to hiss at them too. Are cows as vishus as deer? I fink I furgot to mention that if you "ping" blogrolling, you haf to do it EVERY time you post. I sure hope they fix it soon!

Thanks Victor (and the Cat Blogosfeer) for publishing this importint informayshun!Sum of us are lost withowt the pinging becuz it takes so much more time to vizit all the blogs! I uzhully go down my long list and vizit all the updated wuns, but if I don't know hoo has an update, I have to vizit evry singul one... it takes forever, and I can't git to evry wun. So taking the time to ping win Blogrolling's auto-ping is down will
rezult in more vizits to yer blog. Reely! I promiss!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How to change background colors in your template

Kaia rites:
I am summoning help, and I think you can help! I am trying to change the background on my blog, and, to no avail, have succeeded. Well, Let me take that back. I succeeded, but it messed everything else up. So, with this effort, I am trying to do two things: 1. change my background, and 2. change the "posting column" background to a solid color because the background is a print. We are not HTML savvy to say the least, but nonetheless we are trying to figure out how to do this. Can you please offer some assistance?

To change fonts and colors, ferst klik the "Layout" link frum yer dashbord (klik to biggify):

Then, klik the "Edit Fonts & Colors" link (1) under the Template tab (klik to biggify):

To change the Page's Backgrownd Color, klik "Page Background Color" in the selekt box (2), then pik a color on the rite by klikking on it (3). Yoo can also enter a hex code in the box to the rite of all the color swatches.

To change the mane kolumn's backgrownd color, klik "Main Background Color" in the selekt box (2) and proseed as above.

Win yer done, klik the oranje "SAVE CHANGES" buttun. If yoo skrew up, klik the bloo "CLEAR EDITS" buttun.

Kaia, it's entirely possibul that yer blog template is not set up this way, so if yoo don't see the same stuff as above, tell me whut yoo do see so I can walk yoo thru it.

To change yer bakgrownd images, follow the instrukshuns heer, and if it duzn't werk, pleeze leeve a deetaled deskripshun of whut yoo did in the comments feeld and we'll look into it for yoo!