Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fun add on extras

have you even noticed on the side bars or on in the blog pepole have added extra like a pet or a slide show or a clock I am here to tell you about some fun free Html extra You need to know no html just copy and click and go to add HTML and put them in

the frist one is hugs. I luff hugs becuse you can never have enough

Add a litte bling to your blog with glitter graffics

Next you can add a slide show of your self and other cats here or two good programs

The frist is

the next one is

Have you even noticed in the top left conner of some blogs there is a little cat this is called Neko

You can add a clock to your side bar and ask is it time to eat yet

You can also adopt a pet of your own I adopted Prince Mu shue jr. This is fun becuse you can make him your own by changing the color

1 comment:

Victor Tabbycat said...

FYI: I like Neko, but I found he was slowin down my blog loadin so we sented him back home.