Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How do I add + and - sines next to blogrolls to expand/close?

My best frend Lux asks:

I've been having trouble trying to set up other blogrolls on my blog, i.e., PhotoHunters blogroll + Wordless Wednesday. I'm using the New Blogger, and what I'd like is to have those + and - signs next to the blogrolls like I've seen on other sites. Can anybody help me?

If yoo'll go to, I've provided two examples, and snippets of the code yoo'll need to implement eech.

The example shows the blogrolls for WW and Photo Hunters, but yoo can substitute or add new blogrolls eezily by replacing thoze blogroll scripts with the blogrolls (or list of links) yoo wunt to display.

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