Sunday, January 7, 2007

Where do all my visitors come frum?

Ever wunderd ware all yer blog vizitors come frum? Unless yer blog is hosted on yer own site, (ware yoo can find owt frum yer server logs), yoo mite not ever know!

Sum of yoo may have notist the map grafik on my site and others. It's free, and yoo can git it frum ClustrMaps by klikking heer. They'll give yoo a snippit of code yoo can put on yer blog. It takes a day or 2 to start trakking... and then yoo'll git a grafikul map of the lokayshun of yer blog viziters. It duzn't give like, adresses or anything, so yer not breeching anywun's privasy, but yoo can see which states and countreez yer viziters are frum!

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