Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How do I git involved with Thursday Thirteen?

Thursday Thirteen has hundreds of partisipants acrost the web, so it's a good way to raze the profile of yer blog! It's eezy to start, but thare are sevrul steps to get to the point ware yer listed on thare blogroll. So heer's whut yoo need to do:


  1. Start posting Thursday Thirteens. Yer title should be "Thursday Thirteen: Edition 1" --- and change the edition number with each week you post.
  2. In yer post, ferst tell whut the thirteen items are, then list them. Thursday Thirteens can be ANYTHING -- thare's no weekly "theme".
  3. Add a Mr Linkie's Widget at the end in HTML-edit mode. (Klik link for deetales.)
  4. Publish yer post.
  5. Go to and add yer post (use a permalink) to the comments feeld of the current week's TT.
  6. Be sure to uncheck the "subscribe to comments" box, or you'll get an email of evry singul comment that's added.
  7. Vizit other Thursday Thirteeners and leeve yer permalink.


Evenchully, yoo'll wunt to git yer blog listed in the TT blogroll. However, yoo have to have partisipatid in TTs for a wile (ruffly, I think it's at leest 4 edishuns or more) beefore they'll agree to add yoo (so that they don't git peepul hoo did it for one week, and then never agin.)

So, after yoo've establisht yerself as a reguler contribyooter, heer are the things yoo need to do to git on thare blogroll:

Go to thare blogroll page to see deetales of the following checkpoints:

  1. Add technorati tag with links.
  2. Add "get the code" link back to TT
  3. Add the TT blogroll to yer blog
  4. Add a linked TT logo to yer blog
  5. Submit the form on this page to be considerd for incluzhun in the blogroll.

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Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

Yup, I think you've summed it up!