Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to Add Video to Yer Blog

Icon Baxter-Bentley asks:

"How about how to add a video to your WordPress blog? I need help with video, but if I figure it owt myself, I'll be sure to post abowt how I did it."
Good qweschun, IBB! This anser mite need addishunul explanayshun frum the WordPress gurus on staff, but I'll walk yoo thru the eeziest way to git a video up on yer blog, and that's by posting it direktly from

After yoo've uploded yer video to youtube, click yer video's thumnale in yer thumnale list (yoo can klik any of theeze screenshots to biggify):

This takes yoo to the page for that video. Click the Post Video link in the box beelow yer moovey:

Yoo mite git a Post to Blog box. If yoo do, klik the Edit Blog Settings link:

On the Blog Settings page, klik the Add a Blog/Site buttun:

And on the Add a Blog/Site skreen

  1. Selekt yer service (in yer case, eether WordPress or WordPress Slef-Hosted frum the dropdown;
  2. Enter yer username and passwerd for yer blog;
  3. If yer on WordPress Self-Hosted, yoo'll also need to provide yer API URL and API Key.
  4. Klik Add Blog buttun.

(I don't know abowt the WordPress API stuff, so maybe Chey or sumbuddy cood provide more info on how to find that.)

Once yoo've added yer blog, yer set. Go bak to the skreen yer moovey is on, and after klikking the Post Video link, yoo'll be prompted to chooze the blog, add a title and text. Win yoo klik the Post to Blog buttun, it will automatikly send the videeyo to yer blog! It will take a cuppul of minits to show up.

But yer not dun, yet!
For sum blogs, the deefawlt width of the videeyos is too wide -- cauzing the sidebar to be pusht down to the bottum of the page. But it's an eezy fix. Go to yer blog once the video has bin posted, and in EDIT HTML mode, change the height and width attribyoots (they uzhully appeeer twice). I change them to a width of 300 and a height of 247. That's arbitrary -- yoo can change to whutever dimenshuns fit yer blog the best!


Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Thanks Skeezix! That is very helpful!
I also came across a good plugin by Robert Buzink that was very easy to roll out

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Thanks, I needed help with the right size and this helped a lot!