Friday, January 19, 2007

Help! My sidebar has shifted to the bottom of the page!

Brandi rites:

Dear Skeezix,We have had a real problem for several days, and mama can't figure it out. First, we are on old Blogger. Now the problem: the posts have eatten space on our blog, and the sidebar has fallen way below, so you have to scroll way down to see anything on the side bar (including your CatBlog HelpCenter). We want them side by side! Please remember, mama isn't all that computer smart with codes and stuff.Help!!


Good qweschun, Brandi! This one's eezy! Go to yer "BRRRRRRRRRRR..." post and edit the title to reemoove abowt haff of the "R"s. Republish and yoo shood be fine.

When yer sidebar no longer appeers beeside yer mane kolum, it's almost always becuz sumthing in one of the kolums has made the kolums too wide to sit side-by-side. Whut happends is that the width of yer blog is spesifide in the layout. Let's say it's 800 pixels, and the mane kolum is 600 pixels and the sidebar is 200 pixels. If yoo put in a grafik that's 300 pixels wide in the sidebar, it forses the sidebar to be 300 pixels wide. Now it won't fit within the spesifide bowndaries of 800 pixels for the width of the hole blog, so it shifts the overflow downward and the sidebar appeers at the bottom.

Think of it as trying to sqweeze into pants that are too small (good post-Krissmiss analojey, rite?) If yer a size 12 and yer trying to sqweeze into size 10 pants, yoo mite be able to get them on and zip them up if yoo don't try to do sumthing silly like breethe, but what mite happen is that a roll of flab mite spill over the top of yer wasteband.... it's gotta go sumware! (Not that anything like this has ever happend to the Food Lady, I'm just givving an exzampul. So don't rat me owt for blabbing, Mao!) If yoo try to sqweeze sumthing too wide into the sidebar, it won't fit, and the sidebar will shift to an area ware it will fit --- underneeth yer mane kontent area.

The reezin that yer "Brrrrrrrr...." post is kawzing a problim is that strings of letters withowt spaces will display in HTML withowt a line brake, so the extra Rs are forsing the sidebar to stretch beyond the width it's suppost to be. If yoo wunt it to fit korrektly, either deeleete sum Rs or add a space in the middle of the Rs so it rapps.



Chelsea said...

so i'm hoping this will post where someone somewhere can help. i've nver "blogged" my friend just moved into my place and brought her cat w/ her, jameson. i already have a cat, precious. well technically this was her place first. but he's gone on to terrorize her. he ends up chasing her up the stairs. is there anyway to get them to be over this and be friends? what if we looked them in a room together for the day? You think that'd work?

Skeezix the Cat said...

Chelsea, DO NOT lock them in a room together. It's the werst thing yoo can do. Take it very very slowly. Keep them apart at first, then slowly interdoose Jameson to the rest of yer home, inclooding Precious. Keep Jameson in a room, and SLOWLY interdoose items with Precious' smell on them -- like a blanket. Using Feliway may help calm him down. And this artikul mite help:

good luck!