Saturday, January 13, 2007


Catster is sort of a "MySpace" for cats (thare's a similer one for dawgs called Dogster). But Catster is WAY better than MySpace becuz:
  1. It's all cats, all the time.
  2. Yoo don't git emales frum collije gerls with webcams
  3. Lots of grate groops and forums to partisipate in
  4. Yoo can meet lots of grate noo frends!
  5. If yoo wunt to join FOS, yoo need to join Catster.
Joining Catster is free. Yes, that's rite, it's free. But yoo mite wunt to save yer allowinse and get a Catster-Plus membership wich lets yoo store a bunch more fotos and give rozettes and stuff like that.

On yer profile, yoo can put videeyos and fotos, and keep a diary, and lots of neet stuff. Even if yoo don't have a blog, this gives yoo whut's called an "online presinse". It's grate. Yoo shood try it!

>> Go to Catster

1 comment:

jeterharris said...

deer skeezix,
i would like to say dat it wuz throo catster dat i met u ... an many udder grate frendz.
furthermore ... mi mom haz met sum grate hyooman beinz throo catster.
i highlee recommend catster (an if u can afford da $19.95 a yeer--catster plus)it'z a grate place fer a cat ... or a cat luvver!
yerz troolee,