Monday, January 29, 2007

Blogger is forsing me to konvert to new Blogger!

This last week, a lot of us hoo've bin on old Blogger have bin forst to konvert to New Blogger withowt having the option of going in and saving owr existing templates in case sumthing got skrewd up in the konverzhun. This made a lot of us nervus.

Having no other choice, I switched over (I save my templates evry kuppul of weeks, so I wuzn't sooper nervus, just a littul nervus). My blog was swicht over with no problims or chanjes. The only diffrinse is that now I can add labels (YAY!).

However, my blog didn't git the new wijit innerface, so I suspekt I mite have to chooze a noo templit or sumthing to git this new teknolojy.

Pleeze share yer ixpeerienses and any problims yoo enkownterd in the comments feeld...!


DaisyMae Maus said...

I had some problems when I switched over and then tried to change the template on my blog. I had to rearrange all of my blog features each time I changed the template because the different templates have sidebar features in different places. I didn't LOSE anything, but I did spend a ginormous amount of time restructuring my blog because each new template threw my features back into the order that they were created rather than the order that I put them in.

I highly suggest taking a "screen shot" of your html section of your template where you can add items ... That way, if stuff gets out of order, you can use the screen shot to remember the order for you.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Yep, no widgets unless you change templates. Mom don't wanna learn widgets yet, so no new template for us, but that's ok by me.