Thursday, June 7, 2007

How do I do "strike through" text?

My buds Kimo & Sabi rite:

Dear Skeez -
we was wonderin' how to do "strike throughs" on our text. Da only options we sees available are: bold, italix, color, size.

It's pritty eezy! But yoo'll need to do it under the "Edit HMTL" tab in Blogger (not the "Compose" tab) sinse yoo need to hand-code it.

The tag for a strikethru is <strike> . So yoo put <strike> beefore whut yoo wunt to strike thru and cloze it with </strike>

So to make it look like this: SKEEZIX

yer code will look like this:<strike>SKEEZIX</strike>

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is Werd Verification Werth It?

Perfektly Parker asks ...

"Is there really an advantage to having word verification on your comments section of the blog? I don't have it on my blog, but I notice some kitties do. I don't get spam or anything else without it, and sometimes Mommy has a hard time commenting on kitties blogs for me that do have it 'cause v's and u's look a lot alike and slow her time she has to help me comment. Your wise opinions would be appreciated."

Parker, I've tride it both ways and have not fownd an inkreese in spam comments with werd varryfikayshun off. Frum an end-user's standpoint, I HATE werd varryfikayshun and git really frustraytid win I can't deesifer the letters. Sumtimes it deeters me frum leeving comments. It duzn't reely deeter spammers.

I have all of my blog comments forwerded to my emale adress so I can tell imeediyutly if sumwun has left a spam comment... and then I go rite in and deeleete it. I get spam comments VARY INFREEQWINTLY --- like once evry three or for munths --- so it's definitly not a problim. I wood rekummend that evrywun hoo uses werd varryfikayshun tern it off for a wile and see if yoo encownter any problims. I'm gessing yoo won't. And then we'll all be much happier.

Jeter Harris may wish to way in on this, tho, cuz he has vary fermly-held convikshuns win it comes to werd varryfikayshun!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

How to Customize yer Blogger Hedder

Thare's a reely grate tootorial owt thare on how to kustumize yer blogger hedder and put images in it. The Blogger teem added this feecher a cupple of weeks ago, and blogger Ryanne made a screencast to show evrybuddy how to do it! KLIK HEER to see the screencast.