Monday, January 8, 2007

How do I create links in post comments?

George, Tipper, Max and Misty ask:

OK, we have a question. Lots of times when someone leaves a comment, they "highlight" a few words and link them back to something. Either another cats blog, or a previous post in their own blog. How is that done? We read Bloggers "help" on the subject, which was of course, no help at all! We know how to do it on our postings, but not how to do it on comments.
Win yer leeving Blogger comments, yoo need to use reel HTML to create yer links. Heer's how to do it:

Let's say yoo wunt to link to, and yoo wunt the link text to say "Heer's a link to"

1) Yoo need to put stuff at the frunt of yer link AND at the bak of yer link.
a) Start with <a href=" in frunt of yer link.
b) Tipe yer link with the http stuff in frunt, like this:
c) Add a "> after yer link.
This will give yoo: <a href="">

2) Tipe yer link text. This is the hilited text the user will klik on to go to the place yoo linked to. For example: "Heer's a link to" So, adding that, yoo now have:

<a href="">Heer's a link to

3) YER NOT DONE YET!!! Yoo have to add a clozing tag -- otherwize, evrything after yer link will be linked, text, too. So yoo have to tell it to stop linking by adding a </a> tag.

So yer final link (the stuff yoo tipe in to make the link) will look like this:
<a href="">Heer's a link to</a>

NOTE: The comments feeld only supports vary vary basik HTML formatting and links, like making yer text bold or slanty (I think that's called italiks).

>> For more HTML stuff, reed Kaze's post on the subjekt.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Thanks for such wonderful help. We tried it on a comment we left on Kismet's page, and it worked just fine!


Phoebe said...

Oh Skeezix. Tracy, Monica and I have been wondering about how to do that for a very long time. We have asked other people, but they never told us how. Thanks for your help!