Wednesday, January 3, 2007


For purposes of catblogging, memes are units of cultural informayshun spred virally thruowt the blogosfeer. Most of the time it involves multipul bloggers hoo post informayshun on a theeme on the same day. A web forms, wherein bloggers can hop frum meme to meme and see how others interpritid the theeme. Ixzampuls of memes are:


  • Meezer Monday: fotos of Simeeze cats
  • Midnite Monday: fotos of blak cats
  • Moovey Monday: uzhully, funny cat videeyos (most offin frum


  • Tuesday Toesday: fotos of cats toze
  • Tummy Tuesday: fotos of cat tummies
  • Tabby Tuesday: fotos of tabbies
  • Tuxie Tuesday: fotos of tuxedo cats
  • Tortie Tuesday: fotos of tortoiseshell cats


  • Widebody Wednesday: fotos of fat cats
  • White Wednesday: fotos of wite cats
  • Wacky Wednesday: fotos of silliness and funny ixpresshuns


  • Thursday Thirteen: a 13-item list on any theme yoo like. For ixzampul: 13 things I ate yesterday; My 13 faverite toys; 13 things nobuddy noze abowt me. Thursday 13 is a huge meme, and if yoo are a regyuler, yoo can be added to thare blogroll. See for deetales.


  • Frootbat Friday: fotos of big-eared cats
  • Formerly Ferul Friday: former street cats


  • Spotty Sunday: show us yer spots!


  1. Post yer foto on the approprieeyut day.
  2. Paste links to other cats partisipating in the same meme (if yoo know hoo they are)
  3. Go to the CatBlogosfeer and post yer link
  4. Sit bak and watch the traffik pore into yer site!

It's highly rekummended that yoo post regulerly to git the most traffik possibul. Add auto-linkies if yoo can, and go to the Cat Blogosfeer to post yer link.



Victor Tabbycat said...

Mom an Dad has an argument. Is "memes" pronounced me-me or meem? Dad says it's meem, like theme, but Mom thot is was me-me, since the first ones she saw were of the "all about me" type.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

It's pronownst like MEEM. Rimes with dreem. Yoo can go to and git an audeeyo file and lissen fer yerself. Mr TF is happy to varify that yer Dad is rite.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

you forgot about fomraly fetal firday and spotty sunday

Victor Tabbycat said...

Poor Mom! Dad's yousually rite bout these fings. He also always wins at bored games, puter games, efun mini golf. Fanks, Skeez!