Sunday, May 27, 2007

How do I resize the cowntdown klok?

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:

deer skeezix,
i reelee like da cowntdown u hav on yer paje fer blogblast fer peece. i would like to put one on mi paje, too. evreetime i put in da code ... it messez up mi paje becuz it'z too big. can u help me wid dis?
thank u.
yerz troolee--jh

Hey, Jete, it's not too hard, yoo just hafta know ware to look. Heer's whut yoo need to do:

  1. Configyer yer cowntdown klok heer:
  2. Klik the "Get the code for my Count Down" buttun.
  3. Copy the code and paste into yer widjit window for yer blog (the HTML/Javascrip one).
  4. Find in the code ware is sez Height="380" Width="280" (see below)
  5. Change the height and width to fit yer sidebar. I used Height="120" Width="210"
  6. Save and chek to see how it looks - fiddle sum more with the height and width if necessary.
In the pikcher beelow, yoo can see ware the height and width appeer in the code:

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Help! My Cat started peeing on the bathroom rug

NOTE: The Cat Blog Help Center only offers advice on teknikul topiks relaytid to blogging. However, as a one-time ixsepshun, We will try to provide help on a cat beehavyer topik. PLEEZE REPLY IN THE COMMENTS FEELD IF YOO HAVE SUGJESCHUNS FOR JEANIE.

Jeanie rites:

I need help with my cat. She is about 2 years old and has a bad problem with peeing on the bathroom rug. She is litter trained and just started about 2 weeks ago with bad habit. We have tried everything, Pet Srpay, Pepper, Bleaching the rug, and washing it. We dont know what else to do. Any Ideas would be nice.Thank You For Your Time
Deer Jeenie,
We feel yer pane. Reely, we do.

Are thare any changes in yer howsehold reesintly that cood be stressing yer cat? Like, sumwun new livving thare, a new cat, construkshun or noise arownd the litterbox area? Offin, a change in the envirmint will cauze stress and pee problims in cats that have bin good with the litterbox until now. For ixampul, win Mr Tasty Face mooved in with the Food Lady, her cat Perl peed all over Mr Tasty Face's ixpensive furrnicher. Not just once, but many many many times.

Has she bin spayed? Unspayed feemales will pee owtside the litter box to let males know thare avaylubul.

If yoo feel yoo've tride evry remedy and yer cat has bin spayed and nuthing has chanjed in yer envirnmint, yoo shood have yer cat ixzamind as soon as possibul by a vet, becuz this is a simptum of sevrul seveere medikul problims, inklooding a yerinary blokkije, a bladder or yerinary trakt infekshun and hormone problims, as well as other medikul reezins. Thare's a good chanse yer cat is in pane and trying to elimate sumware else, sinse she eqwates her litterbox with panefull eliminayshun.

Reemember, peepul arn't smart enuf to unnerstand cat talk, so yer cat is trying to commyunicate with yoo in a diffrint way to tell yoo thare's a problim. She's not trying to be a bad cat --- peeing owtside the litter box is a last reezort to git yoo to understand her problim.

PS: Is yer ferst name "I dreem of"? Cuz I Dreem of Jeenie is one of my all-time faverit teevee shows. I reely loved her kyoot pink owtfit!

UPDATE: Help frum Rulles soon-to-be-mom

I got the following grate emale abowt the peeing problim (Thanks, Rulles' soon-to-be-mom!)

Dear Skeezix, the puter genius,

Jeanie can email me if she has any questions.

We have a 12 year old Russian blue and he started to pee on the blankets on the sofa. He had done this before but the previous owner didn't mention this to us. We didn't want a cat who peed in other places than in his litterbox.

We contacted the vet and he recommended birthcontroll pills to him in order to
supress his hormones and the need to mark his territory. We didn't think peeing was done in order to mark and we didn't want to give him medicine so we started to experiment with the litterbox. Initally we thought that we didn't clean the litterbox often enough, but he peed on the blanket even if the litterbox was newly washed and we had changed all the litter.

We fixed the peeing problem by making an other litterbox beside the ordinary one. We put there a towel which we chanced to a clean one after he has peed on it (he had his own towels). He used the towel litterbox without us showing it to him, he was clever. He used this towel litterbox every time he was upset. He peed on blankets only if the towel already was peed on. He never pooped there, only in his ordinary litterbox.

In this way we also found out what made him upset and we could often avoid those situations or made them less upsetting for him. We always took his own litterboxes (ordinary and softy) with us when we were visiting other places. This worked really well.

It's worth trying the same with Jeanies cat. Is she siamese? They are known to pee on soft places.

Take an empty litterbox to human toilet, near the place where the rug is, and put the rug she likes to pee on in the litterbox. When she pees on the rug, wash it and put it back again when it's dry. You also need something else (some clothing, rugs, towels) during the time the rug is drying. Later when she always pees in the towel litterbox, and not on the new unpeed rug, try to move the litterbox beside her ordinary one.

--- Rulles soon-to-be-mom

Thursday, May 3, 2007

What's the setting so that all links open a new window?

Monica rites:

Dear Skeezix,I read the post about opening a new window from a link. I was wondering if there is an easier way to make all of the links from your blog open to a new window. I thought I saw that before on the blogger settings page, but i couldn't find it today. Do I have to do it separately on each link? Thank you for your help.

Monica, I think the Blogger settings thing yoo saw was probly the setting ware yoo have a new window pop up win sumbuddy kliks the comments link. I am unaware of any way to universally set up yer blog so that every link opens a new window ... yoo have to add target="_blank" to evry link. But I'll look into it for yoo.