Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How do I add a pikcher to my sidebar - what's this "widget interface" yoo talk abowt?

My best frends Skeeter & LC ask:

We want to put a pic in our sidebar, but we can't find this "widget interface" that you mentioned. What is it and where do we get it?

Skeeter and LC
It isn't anything yoo need to "get" --- now all Blogger blogs utilize the widget interface. I used to have to differensheeate between the two when cats askt for blog help becuz the old and the new interface were compleetely diffrint. The old Blogger interface made yoo make edits to yer template in HTML. But Blogger forst evrywun to convert to the widget interface erlier this yeer. So win yoo hit the template tab yoo now see a bunch of boxes on the template page that yoo can moove arownd or clik to edit insted of digging thru HTML.

Widgets are self contayned mini-applikayshuns (often, therd party applikayshuns) that yoo can plop into yer blog withowt a having to have a lot of programmer knowlidje.

We have an explanayshun of how to add a linked image to yer sidebar heer. If yoo don't wunt it to be linked, just don't inklood the link code.


Skeeter And LC said...

Hey Skeezix - Thanks for the help. We were chasin our tails looking for that "widget interface" thingy.

Aktually, we hafta admit that we copied some code directly into the HTML template, and decided that was a little easier. It hadn't worked before, but we got lucky this time.

Your advice on adding pics by usin the link code and deletin the link worked purrfekt, so we added LC "Rockin Blogger" award. And we added your CatBlogHelp link too (as a link, we hope)!


Skeeter and LC

Jan said...

Just a comment. Our blog is still the old template so we don't have the widgets. But Jan's UpsonPets blog is the new one and she actually prefers the old template, but you use what you have.

Anyway, we just came across this from Meaouwy Troops (Felinesopher) blog. Neat site.