Monday, September 17, 2007

How do I change my Catster bakgrownd?

Miz rites:

Skeezix, I like you and Daisy's backgrounds on Catster. How do I change mine? I
am not a plus member if that makes a difference.

I don't know if non-Plus members can configyer thare pages, but if yoo can, heer's how to do it:

1) Go to yer accownt set up page and klik "Modify biography & traits":

2) On the Bio screen, skrole down a little bit, and klik "Fun Stuff."

3) Yoo'll see a bunch of oranje bio feelds.

The little one on the left is the feeld name. For this use, yoo'll just stik in a peeriod so it won't show too much on yer profile page.

The little one on the right deetermines the vertical height this line takes up on yer profile page. For this usage, tipe in "10".

The big box in the middle is ware yoo'll put the code for a bakgrownd or a musik file to play win the page lodes. The code yoo stik in thare is

<body background="">

with the "http" part pointing to the path of yer bakgrownd image file (yoo can have it hosted on photobucket or other file sharing site.) Klik heer for infermayshun on image hosts.

Yoo can test it with this backgrownd:

The code for an mp3 file is:
<embed src=""

With all that sed, yoo mite have to be a Plus member to be abul to go to the Fun Stuff area... so why not upgrade???

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