Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm sick of my page. How do I change it?

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:
... i'm sick uv mi page ... it'z borin fer me an i wood like to change it. i'm prettee scared dat i will blow it ... do u hav sum sugjeschunz fer me? thank u.
Jete' it's as eezy as backing up yer current template, then pikking a new one.

Ferst, save a copy of yer existing template (so if yoo skrew up, yoo can go bak). To do so, klik the Template tab (or link), and under it klik "Edit HTML". (Yoo can klik theeze pikchers to biggify.)

Make shur the "Expand Widget Templates" chekbox is chekt.

Now, klik in the big text box that has yer template. Select-all (CTRL-A on yer keybord) and copy (CTRL-C), then open up notepad or werdpad or other text editor (MS-Werd is not a good choice) and paste (CTRL-V) the contents of yer klipbord into the empty doc and save. Now yer bakt up.

Next, yoo'll need to pik a new template. It's as eezy as pikkin' yer noze. Ferst, klik the "Pick New Template" link. The templates will be displade beelow it. Just skrole thru the deezines (most have three or fore diffrint choices in diffrint colors), selekt the one yoo like and then klik the oranje SAVE TEMPLATE buttun:

Switching templates will NOT do anything to yer blog posts. Evry once in a wile, it does eet sum of yer page elements in yer sidebar win a new template is selekted .... but thare eezy to reetreeve if yoo bakt up beefore yoo started. In fakt, it's kind of teedius, but it can be helpful if, beefore yoo start, yoo open eech one of yer sidebar elements and copy the html to a blank text file (one long file with all the pasted code) ... it will save yoo having to reed thru a lot of XML to find yer widget code in yer backup file when if yer mom is helping yoo and she messes up.

Heer are sum tips:

  • Don't stress owt abowt making the switch. 99% of the time it is seemless.
  • A littul wine helps kalm yer helper down, but more than a littul is not such a good thing. So, like, win yer ladey gits home frum a Book Club meeting and she's all giggly and duzn't say her werds vary kleer, win she sez, "Jeter, how's abowt we change da way yer blog looks tonite??" JUST SAY NO!
  • If yoo reely mess up, just paste yer backed up old blog template into the box on the Edit HTML page.

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jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer skeezix,
i want u to know dat mi mom will definitlee help me wid dis change ... but not tonite ... becuz she jus came home frum her bookclub ... THUS ... it iz a good idear fer her NOT to touch mi blog!
thank u fer yer eksellent help ... an i will try not to scroo up mi blog anymor dan i hav recentlee!