Sunday, September 2, 2007

How to make a moovey

Phoebe rites:

Dear Skeezix,
Can you please give me some information about how to make my very own movie? I would really like to be an adventure movie star, but I don't know how to edit my footage and add interesting captions and things. I searched all the help center posts and couldn't find info about this question. Thank you.
Ferst, yoo'll need a moovey camra that takes digital mooveys. Thare are sevrul tipes frum wich to chooze: ones that rekord strate to DVD, ones that use mini-DVR tapes, memery cards, etc. I have one that uses mini-DVR tapes and I like it a lot. It's mostly a matter of persunul preferinse.

Secund, yoo'll need movey software.

If yer on a PC, yoo shood have Windows Moovey Maker alreddy installed. Thare's a tootoriul heer on how to use it. It's pritty strateforwerd. As much as I hate Bill Gates, this akshully isn't a bad peese of software, it's free, and it duzn't take vary long to lern it.

If yer on a Mac, it's even eezier. Just use iMovie. The tootoriul is heer.

Most evrybuddy I know was abul to figyer it all owt by going thru the tootoriul and taking a stab at it: if yoo run into problims, don't hezitate to ask!

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