Friday, March 16, 2007

How do I add myusik to my blog?

The code to add myusik to yer blog is beelow. Yoo'll need to have the mp3 hosted online sumware, and then replace the URL below with the path to yer mp3. In the code beelow, loop is set to false, wich meens it won't play over and over and over agin and drive yer viziters insane. To make it repeet, replace "false" with "true". In the code it's set to play awtomatikly win yer page lodes. If yoo don't wunt it to play awtomatikly, change autostart="true" to autostart="false".

<embed src=
height="0" >

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Cheysuli said...

Just a warning, we're on a mac and netscape sometimes does funny things with music. One of those funny things that happens means that the system freezes and has to be rebooted. It happens about 55% of the time with music on a blog, so we tend to avoid blogs with music that's set to go from the start.