Monday, February 5, 2007

New Blogger: Can't uplode fotos

My best frends Jake and Bathsheba rite:

Skeezix, our Mom is so upset right now that she's almost ready to make us stop blogging--and we're on the cusp of our 100th post! We were switched to new blogger over the weekend. We don't know if this is related or not, but something is preventing her from being able to post photos--and it's not like Jeter's problem. It's probably an internal computer problem (um, Dad messed around with Mom's computer a day before we were moved to new blogger and he did stuff like remove cookies). When she clicks on the photo icon while making a blog post, NOTHING happens! It used to open directly into "my photos" and everything was simple. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Help - or we may never blog again! So much for Man Cat Monday for Jake! ~J&B
Taking the path of leest rezistinse, I think win yer dad mest with yer mom's compyooter he mite have installd a pop-up blokker or a noo browzer with a popup blokker. Try this - hold down the Ctrl key wile yoo press the foto ikon. (Sumtimes, like in IE7, this also makes yoo do an addishunul step just beelow the tab area to enabul popups for eech site.)If that duzn't werk (or the uzhual steps yoo take to allow popups duzn't werk), lemme know and the Cat Blog Help Center Staff will do sum more investigayshun to git to the bottum of this!

And BTW, don't let yer dad mess with yer mom's compyooter!!!

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