Saturday, February 17, 2007

Emale Notifikayshun Services of Blog Updates

My deer frends Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud ask:


How do we get a box for beans (like our granma) to get an email when we blog?


I've had a box for Blogarithm on my site for sum time. I wasn't shur it was werking, but I reesintly set up a test and was abul to suksessfully git an emale alert win my blog was updated. It's nice becuz it also provides an extrakt of yer post as well as a link to it, and it offers a seemliss way to forward the blog post - not just the kerrunt one, but also many of yer reesint posts. GO HEER to set up a blogarithm notifikayshun.

Win yoo submitted yer qweschun and did sum reeserch, I also fownd thru wich yoo can set up up to five alerts for free. It sends all the text frum yer blog entry (but not non-text content), wich is not so good if yoo wunt to git traffik coming to yer blog.

Neether Blogarithm nor Feedwhip send notises rite away, but they go owt the same day yer blog stuff is posted.

Thare's also a service wich will send an IM when a blog is updated. Go heer for deetales... altho yer granma probly isn't on IM...

Anybuddy else got any notfikayshun services they've used suksessfully?

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Dazey, Jesse & Conner Cloud said...

Thanks Skeezix! We will try this out ASAP!!