Sunday, February 18, 2007

How to I git a kustom grafik to show up on the Top 100 Cat Sites?

Many of us are now listed on the Top 100 Cat Sites Site, and my best frend Jeter Harris was wonderin' how we got owr custom grafiks to display insted of the five star sistem grafiks that show up by defalt.

Heer's an example of a custom and a sistem grafik:

To start, yoo'll need to make a grafik. Heer are the gidelines:

  • Yoo'll need to have yer image uploded sumware like photobucket or yer catster foto album or sumthing similer.
  • The image must be 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels tall.
  • Yer image can be a gif or jpg.

To uplode win yoo ferst join, paste the URL of yer image in the BANNER URL feeld as shone beelow (yoo can klik to biggify):

If yer alreddy a member, click the EDIT INFO link in the top menu, and paste the URL of yer image into the BANNER URL feeld as shone beelow, then enter yer passwerd and klik submit:

That's all thare is to it!


jeterharris said...

deer skeezix,
thank u fer yer grate instruckshunz on how to git a kustom grafik to show up on da top 100 cat sites. i copied an pasted yer grafik dat i haven't seen yet an i'm waitin fer da 10 minitz to go by so i can see it.
i want u to know dat i went to photobucket an made wut i thought would be a akseptabul grafik ... but it diden't work. (duhr)
i'm goin back now to take a look.
yerz troolee,

Daisy said...

Jeter, my first graphic didn't work either. I had to send an e-mail to their technical department for advice (a while ago). I should have just come here first! Your graphic looks great. That should teach those crazy Maine Coons a thing or two!