Friday, September 26, 2008

Article abowt Cat Blogging

I just red this blog post called, "All About Cat Blogging." I'm reprinting part of it heer for any cat hoo's considering starting a cat blog. Thare's a link at the end to reed the hole thing. --- StC

All About Cat Blogging

Have you ever tried writing using a different viewpoint? Most people will write using their viewpoint. Seldom can you find a person who writes in a different way. But if you want to be known online, you must be as unique as possible. If you try to surf the net, particularly in blog websites, you will note that some bloggers write using their cat’s viewpoint which is more commonly called as cat blogging.

What is cat blogging? Those who are unfamiliar with cat blogging may think that these are blogs about cats. Well, you can actually find blogs about cats online. Pets are interesting topics and aside from cats, some bloggers also write about dogs, birds, and fishes. However, some bloggers find cat blogging much better because it draws more attention. Readers find cat blogging quite interesting because the blogger writes blogs using their cat’s viewpoint.

Cat blogging is really strange and this may be the reason why many individuals are interested in reading it as well in posting comments. Blogs about pets, specifically about cats are quite ordinary nowadays because many bloggers want to share with the whole world the everyday life of their cats. If you want to become a well-known blogger, why not try cat blogging?



Zack and Anna said...

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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

i, personally, would rather read about cat blogging than people blogging. their lives are boring...unless they include waiting on a furry family member ha ha ha

i have a question, mommy and i noticed that the right side of my bloggy (where my linkys are) dropped waaaaaaaaaaaay to the bottom of the page we checked as best we can to see if a Title or Picture was to big, but didn't see anything.

any suggestions would be great!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE cat blogs!

Cat Supplies said...

At first I found it a little weird but now I love reading cat blogs. It is so funny to read about how many cat personalities are out there. I am not the best writer but it is funny to think how my cat would write.