Friday, January 2, 2009

How to put PayPal Links in Your Blog

My best frends Katie and Da Katz asked the following:
HELP!!! We iz tryin ta find out hows ta put da pay pal codes on our site... any beans or furry babies knohs how ta do dat???

MomsBusy saids dat dehr is a tabbie... we gotz a tabbie named daisy, but she donts knohs where da code iz.

ooh she saids a TAB... Mawmee whats dat??? Dehr supposed ta be a tab or a links at pay pal fur dis... n weze needin ta gets dis sets up cuz da bloggin cats is helpin us thru ruff times while mawmee not got no jobbee and weze cold n hungree n stuffoms reel hard likes dat.

Tank U!!!

Katie Too...

That's a good qweschun becuz the Paypal site is not ixzaktly eezy to use. So let me show yoo ware to go:

  1. Once yer logged into Paypal, click the Merchant Services tab. (Yoo mite have to be set up with a merchant accownt, but that's pritty eazy.)
  2. On the Merchant Services tab page, click the donate link (klik to biggify). "Donate" is the 4th link down in the left collum:

On the Donate screen, enter the reqwired infermayshun (yoo probly want the peeple hoo are donayting to be able to set thare own donayshun amownt):

Then yoo'll go to a screen that gives yoo the code. Just hit the Select Code button, and copy it and paste it into yer blog:

I hope that helps! Once yoo find ware to go, it's pritty eazy!

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Katie and Da Katz said...

Oh fanks!!! dats so goods to knoh!

We goh do dat rites now!!

Katie Too