Tuesday, April 10, 2007

How to change background colors in your template

Kaia rites:
I am summoning help, and I think you can help! I am trying to change the background on my blog, and, to no avail, have succeeded. Well, Let me take that back. I succeeded, but it messed everything else up. So, with this effort, I am trying to do two things: 1. change my background, and 2. change the "posting column" background to a solid color because the background is a print. We are not HTML savvy to say the least, but nonetheless we are trying to figure out how to do this. Can you please offer some assistance?

To change fonts and colors, ferst klik the "Layout" link frum yer dashbord (klik to biggify):

Then, klik the "Edit Fonts & Colors" link (1) under the Template tab (klik to biggify):

To change the Page's Backgrownd Color, klik "Page Background Color" in the selekt box (2), then pik a color on the rite by klikking on it (3). Yoo can also enter a hex code in the box to the rite of all the color swatches.

To change the mane kolumn's backgrownd color, klik "Main Background Color" in the selekt box (2) and proseed as above.

Win yer done, klik the oranje "SAVE CHANGES" buttun. If yoo skrew up, klik the bloo "CLEAR EDITS" buttun.

Kaia, it's entirely possibul that yer blog template is not set up this way, so if yoo don't see the same stuff as above, tell me whut yoo do see so I can walk yoo thru it.

To change yer bakgrownd images, follow the instrukshuns heer, and if it duzn't werk, pleeze leeve a deetaled deskripshun of whut yoo did in the comments feeld and we'll look into it for yoo!

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