Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogger image upload problems

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:

deer skeez,
heer it iz ... day deux uv not bein able to uplode a pikshur.
da messije i get iz dat i'm havin sum server difficultiez.
i'm reelee reelee mad at google fer dis.
do u hav any idearz?
yerz troolee-o'jh

Jete, I understand yer frustrayshun. Forchewnitly, thare's an eezy werkarownd. Yoo need to uplode the foto to anuther site and then point to it frum yer blog. Yoo can uplode to Catster, Flickr, photo bucket, or any one of many free image hosts. Once it's bin uploded sumware other than Blogger, git the image "path" - that's the URL ware the image livs. To do that, rite-clik on the image to pop up the menu as shone beelow:

Selekt PROPERTIES and then the dialog box that comes up will show yoo the URL of the image:

Copy the URL (by selekting and hitting CONTROL-C), and then bak at yer blog, in the EDIT HTML mode, paste (CONTROL-V) the URL into yer post and in frunt of it, put <img src= " and after it, tipe "   border="0" >

so that the hole thing looks like:

<img src="" border="0">

... and yer dun!


Jan said...

Skeezix, Jan couldn't upload photos to blogger yesterday either and she needs to be able to post shelter animals on UpsonPets. These animals only have a short time! So she tried uploading them to webpicasa since she has picasa already loaded and that is where her Blogger photos are being stored.

When she posted the photos, she cleared out all personal info in Firefox and then went to UP and clicked on a photo. It took her to the picture at webpicasa and found anyone can view the ENTIRE UP album that way.

So she signed back into blogger, got the code for a couple of photos the same way you described and posted them. She then cleared all Firefox personal info AND opened IE and cleared the blogger and picasa cookies. Without signing back in to blogger, she returned to UP, clicked on a photo and found the same problem. Clicking on a photo gives anyone a pass into the private UP album in its entirety.

She threw up her hands and is going to return to fighting blogger over posting photos the old way.

Jan's Funny Farm

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer skeez,
thank u fer dis infermashun an i will share it wid mi mom (hoo iz still upset abowt not seein bruce springsteen las nite) wen she getz home frum werk.

Jan said...

PS - We forgot to mention when she tried the code you listed, she got nothing, no enlarged view, no visit to picasaweb. But the last part of the code was visible in the non-html view.


Skeezy said...

Jan -- I don't have fotos on webpicasa, so I can't address the way that they handle links (I'll see if any of the other CBHC staff can help), but you mite wunt to try anuther image host. Klik heer for a list.

Also, the code I purrvided for Jeter was strikly for displaying an image, not linking. So yoo need to put the link tag around the image tag so that it will point ware yoo wunt it to go. An ixzampul is shone heer.

Jan said...

Didn't want to link to photos. Just be able to click on them and enlarge them like you're supposed to be able to do on blogger.

Thanks anyway. Will just keep doing it the old way.

Jan's Funny Farm