Sunday, May 27, 2007

How do I resize the cowntdown klok?

My best frend Jeter Harris rites:

deer skeezix,
i reelee like da cowntdown u hav on yer paje fer blogblast fer peece. i would like to put one on mi paje, too. evreetime i put in da code ... it messez up mi paje becuz it'z too big. can u help me wid dis?
thank u.
yerz troolee--jh

Hey, Jete, it's not too hard, yoo just hafta know ware to look. Heer's whut yoo need to do:

  1. Configyer yer cowntdown klok heer:
  2. Klik the "Get the code for my Count Down" buttun.
  3. Copy the code and paste into yer widjit window for yer blog (the HTML/Javascrip one).
  4. Find in the code ware is sez Height="380" Width="280" (see below)
  5. Change the height and width to fit yer sidebar. I used Height="120" Width="210"
  6. Save and chek to see how it looks - fiddle sum more with the height and width if necessary.
In the pikcher beelow, yoo can see ware the height and width appeer in the code:

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