Monday, August 6, 2007

Reading All those Cat Blogs

Ever since blogrolling stopped automatically updating the other blogs, it's been harder to visit friends. We set up an account with bloglines to start a feed reader. Bloglines will automatically tell us which blogs have been updated and which haven't.

Right now, we have all of our cat friends in one folder. This makes it quick and easy to check everyone.

The PROS of Bloglines:

  • Easy to check on what's new.
  • I can go to one space and only open blogs that have been updated--this makes blog chekcing much faster--notice I've been around more?
  • I can check on any computer and don't have to remember a lot of urls.

The CONS of Bloglines (I have not tried other feed readers, so other cats may have suggestions)

  • Putting everything in one folder, if I don't look at everyone, it's automatically set so that the folder is considered read--even if I have to leave and come back--which means I can miss posts. I can fix this by putting up several folders but am not ready to do this.
  • Skeezix blog NEVER seems to update
  • Some days everything seems to update and other days NOTHING--even if I know certain cats, like Kaze and Latte have probably written.
  • I still have to go to the blog itself to comment.
It's not hard to set up accounts. I found that after I set up the account and started adding blogs, I could add a tool to my browser toolbar and just say subscribe with bloglines. This made adding blogs much faster.

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